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Since May 4, 1999, Warren Garage Door, Inc. has been dedicated to quality customer service, excellent products, and professional installation and repair. The story of Warren Garage Door began much earlier however. In 1979, Jeff Warren began his career in the garage door industry as an installer/service technician in the Omaha metro area. His upbringing provided him with a firm set of American values: hard work, ingenuity, and perseverance. These traits served him well in the service industry.

During the spring of 1998, Jeff and his wife, Carolyn, began visiting with Raynor Garage Doors about setting up a Raynor distributorship in Norfolk, Nebraska. They set out to establish a business founded on Biblical principles. These principles include the value of work, the importance of excellence and integrity, and the eternal worth of each individual. It is because of these principles that Warren Garage Door provides quality products and service uniquely geared toward customer satisfaction. In fact, Jeff and Carolyn chose Raynor because in Jeff’s twenty years of garage door experience he believed that Raynor produced a superior product... a product the Warrens believed could provide customer satisfaction.

Beginning a business in a competitive market created some early challenges for Warren Garage Door. Throughout the process however, Jeff and Carolyn have seen God’s providence. Committed to their founding principles and values, they believe, “The gracious hand of our God was (and is) on us.” (Ezra 8:18a) Through the years Warren Garage Door has grown from a company with two employees to a company with fifteen employees. As Warren Garage Door has developed, it has outgrown two former business locations. Warren Garage Door moved into its permanent location at 600 S. 37th Street, Norfolk, Nebraska, in August 2005.

Although there have been many changes in Warren Garage Door’s 10+ years of operation to ensure quality, excellence, and professionalism, some things have not changed. Warren Garage Door is still a local, family-owned business focused on Biblical principles and trusted American values. It is these principles and values that allow Warren Garage Door to continue to offer unmatched customer satisfaction both now and long into the future.

Perhaps someday Warren Garage Door’s history will include YOU: Another satisfied customer! Is that day today?

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